22 December 2011

Burton Rail Days in Tokyo - photos

i know it was a month ago but better late than never! me and Denis went to Tokyo for Burton Rail Days and were there for 5 days. i wish we could stay longer.. we had so little time to just cruise around because of those official dinners and practice and, yes, jet lag. but anyways this was one of the best trips we've ever had! i hope we'll go there again some day :)

13 December 2011

HQ check: Method Mag

i met some new friends from Method Mag last season and decided to visit them when i was in Barcelona in early December. check out the photos of their HQ/office/editorial/apartment or whatever you want it to be. anyways, all in one place! and.. just feels like home

08 December 2011

a recap of Burton Rail Days in Tokyo

just finished editing this video. finally!

Doski Mag #67

i have a double page with Denis Bonus in a new issue of russian board magazine 'Doski'
click to enlarge

we also missed a bus to Oslo airport yesterday, so we're still staying here in Trysil for one more week with our norwegian friends instead of going to Hintertux. tomorrow the rest of all lifts should be open and more rails set up. looks like there's nothing to be sad about!

05 December 2011

Oslo Junkyard In The City Pt 2

so here's part two! the winners are Denis Leontyev (1st), Zach Rawles (2nd) and Erik Karlsson (3rd). also Denis, Mike Casanova and Fredrik Perry got the best tricks.

thanks to organizers for inviting us! hope to see you next year.

03 December 2011

Oslo Junkyard In The City Pt 1

today i arrived in dark and cold Oslo from sunny and warm Barcelona, but i can't say i don't like it.. we had a riders meeting and a pizza party on the top-floor suite in the hotel. then we just walked around Oslo city centre with Denis, Oivind and Eirik. and i can't fall asleep now because of the energy drinks we have in our rooms. DUH!

tomorrow will be a blast!