22 December 2011

Burton Rail Days in Tokyo - photos

i know it was a month ago but better late than never! me and Denis went to Tokyo for Burton Rail Days and were there for 5 days. i wish we could stay longer.. we had so little time to just cruise around because of those official dinners and practice and, yes, jet lag. but anyways this was one of the best trips we've ever had! i hope we'll go there again some day :)

i find this photo pretty hilarious. yo Denis what it do?

different views from our hotel and Roppongi Hills building

one early morning in the centre of Tokyo

smoking is allowed at special 'smoking areas' only..

japanese pointsman. or?

Shibuya bus station

people are just everywhere

we got lost and passed this panda 5 times or maybe even more

Kotaro Kamimura and Shoma Takao

Zac Marben - Alex Andrews - Kotaro Kamimura - Denis Leontyev

Scott Stevens

Jye Kearney

Jamie Nicholls

Denis Leontyev

Cam Pierce

Wojtek Pawlusiak

Stevie Bell

Zak Hale

Marc Swoboda

that famous place you could see in different hollywood movies

this ice sculpture was made of vodka!

Kosuke, we still remember having those dope BBQ sushi that day! already hungry :)

dudes.. walkin down the street

for EMA with love

Kosuke: busy mode on

Alex Andrews

the only possible way of doing a boardslide on this double kink looked like this. thanks Mr Dylan Alito

Jamie Nicholls

super-finalists: Ethan Deiss, Dylan Alito, Jamie Nicholls and Shoma Takao


we had one free day after the contest so we decided to hit up local indoor park. these shots were taken from the car on the way there

local shredders



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