03 December 2011

Oslo Junkyard In The City Pt 1

today i arrived in dark and cold Oslo from sunny and warm Barcelona, but i can't say i don't like it.. we had a riders meeting and a pizza party on the top-floor suite in the hotel. then we just walked around Oslo city centre with Denis, Oivind and Eirik. and i can't fall asleep now because of the energy drinks we have in our rooms. DUH!

tomorrow will be a blast!

the view out the suite's window

a part of the meeting


things going down

pizza time!

guys chillin

some Christmas decoration in Oslo

Oivind, Eirik and Denis checkin the setup which consists of a double kink, a gap to barrel and a down rail. and fuck yes, no stairs!

some window art?

Eirik is wondering if it's allowed to ride the tiger. we'll see it tomorrow!

meeting the fellow

we were just walking down the street when this phone rang. Eirik decided to answer it immediately and was told something like 'dude that's you calling but not me'. classic..


  1. Восхитительные фото) скажи пожалуйста, на что ты снимаешь?