05 December 2011

Oslo Junkyard In The City Pt 2

so here's part two! the winners are Denis Leontyev (1st), Zach Rawles (2nd) and Erik Karlsson (3rd). also Denis, Mike Casanova and Fredrik Perry got the best tricks.

thanks to organizers for inviting us! hope to see you next year.

Eirik Nesse

Fredrik Perry

Pal Sorensen

Wojtek Pawlusiak

Denis Bonus

Gerben Verweij

Gulli Gudmundsson

Oivind Fykse

Mike Casanova

Zach Rawles

the finals

Kalle Ohlson

Cees Wille

Thomaz (Method Mag editor-in-chief)

Erik Karlsson

signing session for the kids

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