06 January 2014

a shot of the week on Method Mag

"The crew decided to skip the mountain and explore an abandoned Christmas theme park in hopes of getting some shots. There was broken roller coasters, giant mushrooms and many fun junkyard features to get creative with. Lucas Magoon found this picnic table with fence to pop over for some quick fun."


12 September 2013

a day with Eric Koston & Nike Russia

Eric Koston hit Moscow back in August to visit Nike SkateTheStates at Faces&Laces. he also spent a day just riding some of Moscow's finest spots. i got lucky to be in my hometown on those dates, so now you can take a look at what was going down.

17 May 2013

12 March 2013

Denis in Method Mag

my photo took the 'Holy Shit' page in Method Mag! props to Denis for killin the spot last winter