05 February 2012

Analog goes Helsinki - part II

BRREAAHHH! it's time to post the second part of our trip in Helsinki.. Wojtek had to leave us and go to a contest in Poland, so the riders were Ludwig Lejkner, Niels Schack and Denis Leontyev and everyone got some real bangers.. then we took kind of a cruise party ship sailing from Helsinki to Stockholm where me and Denis had a flight back to Oslo. tomorrow we're heading to Moscow for a week or so.. it's gonna be my first time at home in 2012! pretty stoked

in case you missed here's the first part - CLICK

Luka and Andro, the filmers; and Niels, who's probably their lil brother Sven? hehe

Ludde and his baby winch

Denis is excited

preparing the spot

3 in 1! WIN

filmers got balls too.. at least, Luka has

filming lines

Ludde reppin'

Niels getting ready for his bs lip

sup fool?

breakfasts make everyone happy

Ludde's Gucci Van

the spot from our last day

Niels trying to act like he's a cool guy

Andro keeps it rockin

party time on board a ship

bonus iphone art pics from Luka

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