29 January 2012

Analog goes Helsinki - part I

well, me and Denis stayed in Helsinki for one more week to film with Analog euro crew - Wojtek, Ludwig and Niels. the first days were like leaving home at 9-10am and coming back late at night. and today we had kinda day off, so i decided to update the blog..

our first spot which is 1 min away from the hotel we're staying at. yeah, thats Helsinki..

Wojtek & Ludde

we spent about 2 hours on searching for this spot. and then the given address turned out to be incorrect.. BURR

our filmer Andro in front of the G bike


our second filmer Luka the man

and thats him , um, sleeping?

Niels aka funny guy

Luddecris at work

Denis the Menace

some random shitty picture

Wojtek aka big bad wolf

Denis havin some fun at the spot

warm up dance

one of the spots

boyz band

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