14 September 2011

Fatkin & Kornely. Day 1

many of you won't believe me but i rode bmx about 4 years ago. yes, i didn't snowboard that time and didn't even have a photocamera. but well, this post was supposed to be about two german guys, not me..

last season i traveled a lot with Denis and simply got used to it! now i always want to visit different places, i really hate staying at home for a long time. so, i decided to go 'back to the roots' and hit up Wowa, who i got acquainted with a few years ago during Adrenalin Games in Moscow. Waldemar Fatkin is a german star shining on the professional bmx flatland scene. to tell you the truth, if you ever hated flatland, you will stop it once you see his riding! his friend, Stephan Kornely, is another tight german rider. he also lives not far from Wowa, so we decided to spend the first day on Wowa's homespot - Koblenz Hauptbahnhof. check out some pictures...


Wowa can match colors even with surrounding buildings. and you?

Stephan's tricks from combos

and Waldemar's..

'check this freakin amazing track for my profile!'

hello, Sham? ;D

and here comes Stephan!

to be continued..

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