18 September 2011

The Fatkin brothers & Kornely. Day 2-3

got home yesterday.. the last days in Germany were really productive! have been to Kunstmuseam in Bonn, not inside, but i think it counts! there's a good spot over there with a big TV screen outside showing some anime cartoons hahaha.. no need to say more, those were totally fun days and nights. lookin' forward to coming back!

Kunstmuseum spot



having a break between sessions

Wowa and his girlfriend Nasty

this spot is HUGE

one more Fatkin on the scene! Iwan Fatkin

Waldemar's friend Kostya from the very childhood came to see what was going on

The Fatkin brothers themselves!

Iwan chillin' by the palm tree

Rhine River at night

a part of Koblenz and the famous triangle between the rivers Rhine and Moselle

my new friend

i called him Bugaman in honor of the exhibition