17 May 2013

a throwback to Simple Session

i've been editing different photos all night and found this folder of unused photos from my trip in Tallinn, where Max got first at Simple Session. here's a mix of pics from practice days and the finals. thanks to everyone again who was there with us! that was a blast.

Alex Mizurov fs lipslide

the crew - Dima Flin, Denis Leontyev and Max Kruglov

Max's first day at the practice

Manny Santiago & Tomas Vintr reppin' SkateSpotsApp

Max throwin' 50-50

indy transfer by Dima Flin

Gosha Konishev and his method air during the practice

fs feeble

Max & Manny

Manny & Alex givin' high five

Max Kruglov fs feeble

Misha Poponin sw blunt

Ruben Rodrigues nollie fs flip

..and fs noseblunt

Dima & Ruben

Dima Flin

Felix, Gosha and Max

ollie gap from Max

Manny kickflippin'

nollie heel by Manny

congratz again!

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