23 November 2012

black'n'white side of Bali

so, i'm back home for a while again, and i decided to use this opportunity and post all of those 'forgotten' photographs from our summer trip in Bali. this is the second part. in case you missed the first one called 'bright side of Bali', go check it HERE.

Denis & Bam leaving our secret spot

Bam and her trophy

Olya on some crazy ass boat

apparently crashing waves make Denis feel excited

found this fella somewhere on Balangan island

lonely world

Charlie just saw an ocean

Charlie again. looking for a girlfriend

total tiredness

givin' a ride

local people on the way to a funeral ceremony

made it to some ghetto

mr serious face


banana boats looking like pencils


kids hanging at the bowl

i learned how to ride a bowl. kind of

where did this ship come from?

end of story

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