12 August 2012

bright side of Bali

when I was in Bali I decided to make two different blogs about my trip - one of them was supposed to be full of colourful photos showing some really nice life on the island, and another one was supposed to be a black'n'white version of balinese life, though it's gonna show some happy moments as well.

so let the first part be a bright one! enjoy.

12m cliff jumping with Olya

Lembongan coast view from some hill

the main street on Lembongan island

sunset ebb

Denis & Olya

sunset ebb number two

a view of the small bay with those cliffs we dropped off

Lembongan sunset

Olya getting ready to drop off a 6m cliff

Balangan sunset ebb

balinese pink chicken

Balian coast

Kostya, Lena & Charlie



Lena finding some treasures

the star of our road trip

your turn to leave a comment

who loves dolphins? Denis does

chillin' with Denis at hot springs spot

Mount Batur

600 stairs down to Green Bowl beach

some pretty gnarly spot at Green Bowl

Bam at some abandoned hotel

getting acquainted with the monkey

Stas succeeded

some nice house on top of the world

kinda messy on the road

took these two photos of a funeral ceremony while riding a motorbike

Bam on the way to Jimbaran


come on Denis, show us your smile

relaxin' after a long-distance swimming in the waves

thanks Denis for taking another photo of me..

met this fella while driving

i just really like this light line between the ocean and the sky


skating some bowl next to the airport

Bam in front of some secret spot where we headed

sunset hiking

collecting shells with Bam

i'm almost a pirate

life's a beach!

we're just like those brother monkeys

Nyang-Nyang sunset and a magic barge

long way back to the top

an iphone bonus for those who was with us!! gonna print it and hang on the wall

PS. special thanks to Xenia who let us stay in her house and for everything else! :)


  1. красочно!

  2. Ден и мартын ))) бля коллаж понравился все смотрю и смотрю!

  3. Some great pictures, Dasha! Definitely the place to be.

  4. hey i was wondering where the 12m cliff jump is in bali?