23 March 2012

WeAre2012 in Tallinn

well, this time WeAre2012 crew headed to Tallinn to get some more street footage for their new movie 'Red Alert', but the trip ended up pretty badly. Denis, Nikita and Igor were injured during filming (but i'm kinda not allowed to show you how and where exactly it happened), and i had to leave with Denis and without any photos at all. so, you're not gonna see any spots or riding shots in this post, but you will definitely see a few nice portraits

Denis Leontyev sunbathing between the runs

Igor Ku only rides with his music

Sasha Pep is the main filmer and everything..

Nikita sometimes helps with filming.. those times when he's injured actually

Sasha Osokin. this guy loves all kinds of drops and gaps. nuff said

Yury Rudchik. a dark horse. you never know what he's gonna say next! haha

Philipp Ananin and Kolya Fukel. the ladies man and the photographer

one more of Denis..

.. and one more of Philipp


  1. nice photos,Dasha

  2. а что с ребятами??? что с Денисом?

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