29 October 2011

Victoria Safronova skate summer edit

i still don't consider myself a good filmer or editor, but here's what we got. we mostly filmed this in June before i left to the US and some shots were taken in September when i came back home. and at least it makes me miss summer!

15 October 2011

Burton 'Standing Sideways' in Moscow (30th sept)

i finally recovered and got some time to tell a full story about Burton's tour stop in Moscow. as i've said before, we had only a part of the team here. those were Mikkel Bang, Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen and Mark McMorris. they spent very a little time in our city and since we had pretty heavy traffic jams (like everyday) the only time they had to do sightseeing was from inside of the MINI cars, looking out the windows.. anyways we got a lot of stuff done!

08 October 2011

From the Street to the League - Ryan Sheckler

if you still think he's a douche after watching this video then you're mental. whether you like it or not he's changed for the better

02 October 2011

Burton team in Moscow (preview)

Moscow got lucky to have such cool guys as Mikkel, Mark, Jussi and Terje for the 'Standing Sideways' premiere yesterday. not for a long time but still a great event!

just arrived