15 October 2011

Burton 'Standing Sideways' in Moscow (30th sept)

i finally recovered and got some time to tell a full story about Burton's tour stop in Moscow. as i've said before, we had only a part of the team here. those were Mikkel Bang, Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen and Mark McMorris. they spent very a little time in our city and since we had pretty heavy traffic jams (like everyday) the only time they had to do sightseeing was from inside of the MINI cars, looking out the windows.. anyways we got a lot of stuff done!

Mikkel could take photos every single second!

Mark should get some more sleep

playin s.k.a.t.e.?

filming for MINI

what does Mark think about?

Mikkel answering the interview questions

probably they're discussing the prices?

hitting up Starbucks

reminds of the 'Inception' movie

joining the other part of the crew - Luka, Sani and Stephi

arrived at the hotel

always with a smile on his face

Pasha and Max testing the equipment. Max was afraid of not recording the interview haha

this is sound of da police

like a baws!

and here comes Jussi!

new collection presented in the hall

the crowd was HUGE

'grab some buds!'

good guys!

people are coming and coming..

Jussi is stoked! and i know why.. because his part is totally awesome

Mark and the fans

Terje finally showed up at the premiere! he missed his plane and arrived by the time movie ended

we presented them these russian souvenirs while having a traditional dinner after the premiere

pay attention to that body in the background.. this is Mark who is super tired.. or maybe just too drunk?

..or maybe Mikkel hit Mark? just kiddin'

Terje looks good in that hat, doesnt he?


after that we headed to the party at Rolling Stones and had a long-night adventure.. fortunately, nodody missed their flight.

Moscow will be waiting for y'all again!


  1. у Юсси реально крутой профайл! особенно саунд:)

  2. ахаххах ну что удивились что по городу не гуляют медведи???

  3. что это за место кстати адское на последних фотках?)

  4. это ресторан с традиционной русской кухней. и, как ни странно, слухи про медведей обошли этих ребят стороной.. правда, не про водку )))