17 August 2011

a shot of the week @ Method Mag

This was one of the few sunny days during the Technine session at Windells. I stopped riding for a few minutes cuz I ran into a friend of mine when I noticed the T9 team riders were filming some stunts on this feature. Fortunately, my photo pack was only a few steps away so I managed to get some bangers while still chatting to my friend. This Andrecht transfer came out pretty nice, good job, Dylan!


04 August 2011

Hoodland: week two n three

two more weeks have passed.. Olya and Alyona have already come back to Russia. Joon and George have left to Seattle today and tomorrow they have a flight to Moscow too. me and Denis are still here at Windells Camp having a break between sessions. waiting for our friend Kolya who's flying above the Atlantic ocean right now! so, check out what everyone was up to..