04 August 2011

Hoodland: week two n three

two more weeks have passed.. Olya and Alyona have already come back to Russia. Joon and George have left to Seattle today and tomorrow they have a flight to Moscow too. me and Denis are still here at Windells Camp having a break between sessions. waiting for our friend Kolya who's flying above the Atlantic ocean right now! so, check out what everyone was up to..

Mt Hood Highway in the sunset

Olya's hitting up the polejam

Alyona making some rock moves

looks like my legs are different haha

Joon's flyin high..

Denis with his broken board

Joon's tryin to keep his back straight. what a boy!

Mr. Cool Guy! unfortunately, i only had a 50mm lens and wasn't able to zoom out..

Alyona's favourite pastime

we against the wind. or the wind against us..

Denis keeps killin it

the neighbor's cat

i usually don't see him that calm.

Mike Casanova will have a hard landing in a few seconds after this..

Dylan Thompson was seen shreddin

unfortunately, i dont know this guy's name but he was good!

thanks Joon for taking a picture of us!


  1. Дашка! Фотографии шикарны ) спасибо! Задала настроение на весь день! Обнимаю, Ленка )

  2. крутяк!(пешин)

  3. не сходи с ума, не желей ни о чем, он все простит потоооооом

  4. коооооотик!!!


  5. Оч классные фотки
    И вы на последней обалденные!

    Даня Соларев ;-)

  6. ты невинна как земля, ДЕЕЕЕЕЕЕВСТВЕНИИИИЦАААА!

  7. как 13-летняя девочка таня, в которую вселился бэтмен

  8. Умничка, фотки отличные!

  9. как дзёня доску сложил