16 October 2012

SOTW on Method Mag

"Rock A Rail was held in Den Haag this past weekend and you're lucky if you got to see all that craze that went down with your own eyes. But if you weren't lucky enough to be there, just take a look at this photo of Ethan Morgan doing a 'proper', squared-up frontside slide. Check out the look of concentration on his face, it's like something out of those trick tips you see in mags, perfect style. Pay attention, follow the instructions and you just might pull proper tricks like Ethan. Look out for the full gallery on methodmag.com soon!"


new video!

October has come with our favorite euro trips from one contest to another one, and between all that chaos going down lately Denis Leontyev, Jesse Augustinus and Sindre Cottis had a few indoor sessions in the parks of Holland (SnowWorld Landgraaf and Zoetermeer).

Soundtrack: Rick Ross feat. Drake & Lil Reese - Us