30 November 2011

skullcandy photo shoot funny moments

hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates.. i've been pretty busy lately with all our trips. me and Denis had a crazy trip in Tokyo for Burton Rail Days a week ago. trust me, it's one of the sickest cities ever!! we also went to Saint-Petersburg for season opening.. and i was stoked to meet all of the guys who we don't see very often! now i'm packing for my next short trip to Barcelona where i'm gonna meet Maria who makes Ema Neckwear and visit Method Mag HQ. right after this i'll go to Oslo for Junkyard Rail Jam and then we'll see.. AND YES, where is the fucking snow??!

i also did a photo shoot with a few riders from russian skullcandy snowboard team yesterday. decided to post some funny pics of them..

06 November 2011

Gothenburg TTR Rail Battle

a few days ago i got my passport back and felt kinda happy about going on trips with Denis again. yesterday we arrived in Sweden, Gothenburg, which is a nice scandinavian city. some places reminded me of Helsinki.. and today was the event day. at first, the setup seemed to be pretty scary with the steep stairs, but then everyone just started to kill the stairset.. this time i decided to make a video of the contest, so i didn't take photos at all. and here are some of them for those who's interested!

by the way, Denis got 3rd! and we have an early morning flight.. and i wanna sleep so bad

thanks a lot to Mattias and all the organizers who invited us and made such a good event!