30 September 2011

G-SHOCK 'Shock The World' Tour in Moscow is over

Kikuo Ibe himself - The Founding Father of Casio G-Shock

i'll post a full report about this event later.. for tomorrow we have a part of Burton team coming to Moscow for their new movie 'Standing Sideways' premiere. should be fun!

26 September 2011

Shred Days with Denis & Leo

Denis and Leo make fun of one russian guy who became popular for his hilarious videos on the internet.. must see!

and this is the original

20 September 2011

fresh meat | Denis Leontyev

i bet many of you haven't seen this video. there's some street riding in it (filmed in Helsinki, Moscow and St. Petersburg)

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Dasha Nosova, Mitja Legat, Maxim Lyamenkov, Alex Voytsekhovsky, Jack Johnston, Torsten Frank, Kamil Krezsniak, Alex Enot
EDITOR: Alexis de Tarade
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Thomaz Autran Garcia
SOUNDTRACK: Alex Krussia


interview with Bonus @ snowlinks.ru

Snowlinks.ru posted a new interview with Denis and my photos yesterday. unfortunately, they have only russian version.. at least you can take a look at the pictures

read it or look through!

18 September 2011

The Fatkin brothers & Kornely. Day 2-3

got home yesterday.. the last days in Germany were really productive! have been to Kunstmuseam in Bonn, not inside, but i think it counts! there's a good spot over there with a big TV screen outside showing some anime cartoons hahaha.. no need to say more, those were totally fun days and nights. lookin' forward to coming back!

14 September 2011

Fatkin & Kornely. Day 1

many of you won't believe me but i rode bmx about 4 years ago. yes, i didn't snowboard that time and didn't even have a photocamera. but well, this post was supposed to be about two german guys, not me..

last season i traveled a lot with Denis and simply got used to it! now i always want to visit different places, i really hate staying at home for a long time. so, i decided to go 'back to the roots' and hit up Wowa, who i got acquainted with a few years ago during Adrenalin Games in Moscow. Waldemar Fatkin is a german star shining on the professional bmx flatland scene. to tell you the truth, if you ever hated flatland, you will stop it once you see his riding! his friend, Stephan Kornely, is another tight german rider. he also lives not far from Wowa, so we decided to spend the first day on Wowa's homespot - Koblenz Hauptbahnhof. check out some pictures...

13 September 2011

shot of the week @ Method Mag

My plan for that day was to shoot two Russian girls from Betty Rides and Roxy. For some reason I showed up at the Windells pipe earlier than them and was going to take a few laps in the park. But then I saw my friend Jenya aka Joon (by the way he's Russian too!), who seemed to be working hard in the pipe. At first, we just wanted to take a photo of a frontside air, but a few runs later Jenya stomped this fresh FS 720. Thanks Jenya for making time pass faster!

11 September 2011

LAX night shots

one night our crew (Denis, Kolya and Kyle) went to film landing planes and shoot that famous LAX sign.. here are some pictures from there

06 September 2011

Olya @ Method Mag

one little bird told me that..

Olya got a small interview at methodmag.com and some of my pictures are in. Yay!

read it!